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    Our story


    Mark 19 Apparel was born out of the love I have for our military, law enforcement, and patriotic Americans. 


    After serving with the 101st Airborne Division, and time spent in Afghanistan as an Army forward observer, I knew when I was finished with my service that I wanted to do something that keeps me connected with my brothers and sisters serving our country and communities. Furthermore, I wanted to give back to our veteran community. 


    Several business ideas were considered but one always seemed more fitting. I've always had an artistic side to me and I felt that what better way to get my art and passion out to the veteran community then to put it on our backs. 


    Thus Mark 19 Apparel was born. The name comes from one of my favorite military weapons called the MK-19, (which is basically a grenade machine gun). I was able to get behind this weapon several times while deployed to Afghanistan (Kunar Province 2010-2011). I fell in love with its beautiful ability to destroy whatever was in its path. 


    Aside from all of the ideas and dreams I have for this company, there has always been one central force keeping me on track to success: my wife. She has been my voice of reason, my motivator, my biggest supporter. I truly believe she will help me get to where we need to be as a company. 


    Moving forward, our major focus with our company is to take care of our customers at the highest quality level possible, give back to the veteran community in any way we can, and above all else, demonstrate brotherhood over opportunity. We care more about the journey than the destination. We believe that taking care of people breeds success and community compassion. 


    Through our values: Integrity, Trust, Customer focus, Loyalty, And brotherhood We have no limit to what we can achieve. Thank you for believing in us.


    Mark 19 Apparel

    George and Taylor


    Everything is designed and printed here in the USA. We pride ourselves on having a zero questions asked satisfaction policy. If you are unhappy in any way with any part of your order, please do not heist to contact us. We will always make it right.

    We believe that being a veteran owned and operated business means that we owe it to our customers to be above the rest in customer service and quality of product. We strive for growth and excellence, so if there is any input for us on areas of improvement please contact us!